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Meet Faye

Hi, I am Faye.

Some people would say I am a Fairy in the Forest (ok just my 2 year old) but the reality is I am just like you, a Practitioner with a Soul Goal of helping others achieve their purpose in life.
I am a qualified Wilderness Therapeutic Practitioner, Meditation & Yoga Instructor and Nature Artist but I have another side...

My Business Side and that is where I want to help you!

You see I am also a 1st Class Business Strategy Graduate with 10 years experience as a Chartered Senior Buyer in the Automotive Industry AND when I decided I couldn't take the Office any longer, I needed to return to the woods and start living my life with passion and purpose I successfully started, Franchised and grew a successful 6 figure business that now has people all over the UK running events under my Nature Makers brand.

In supporting them to develop their business and being their mentor through utilising my wholistic knowledge and heart centred approach I started to see them grow in confidence, being their authentic selves and being successful business people, Wild-Hearted Business People. 

I realised then that I wanted to help more people achieve this also and found that not every Business Mentor understands people like me and you...

People who align their business with their values, have a heart centred approach to decisions and want to live their life as a free person making a difference in this world, but I do, and I can't wait to work with you to align your business strategy and soul for success so that you can live a life filled with passion, purpose and financial freedom.

If you feel I may be the right person to join you on your Wild Woman in Business journey then please reach out through email and let's have a chat!

For now, peace, love & wabi sabi,

Faye x

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