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Wilderness Therapeutic Practices in the West Midlands and Beyond

Wilderness Therapeutic Practices is an extended program of multiple sessions/days in which a group of individuals come together in the 'wild' and through a series of planned and facilitated activities the individuals are able to better understand who they are now, how they got to this place and who they want to be going forward.

People often find it a life changing experience and deep friendships are formed within the small group that are experiencing this journey together as a Tribe.

Activities include elements of bushcraft, nature crafts, meditation, journaling and therapeutic self reflection using nature as a mirror.

One attendee said: "This programme has been wonderful. So relaxing and taking me back to nature and all its beautiful healing properties. Learning new skills and making some incredible friends. This course is just amazing. Thank you Faye."

Another said: "I went on a Wilderness Therapeutic Weekend and it was fabulous. Faye is a wonderful guide, teacher and facilitator. I had time to reflect on my life, using nature as a guide, in an individual space as well as learning new skills and doing things I never imagined I would try. It really was a welcome and healing space. Thank you so much Faye." Find more over on the Facebook page here.

Faye is a qualified Wilderness Therapeutic Practitioner, one of only a small group of people trained within the UK, and uses this knowledge plus her other qualifications noted in the About Me page to run an intervention with creativity and metaphor at it's heart.

These programs can be run for organisations, charities and schools as well as the public offerings listed below. Get in touch if you are interested in this option.

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